Spray Paint and Glue

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  • Rose Floral Fragrance

    Design Master Rose Floral Fragrance brings the lovely perfume of fresh roses to your designs. A special preservative allows the natural scents to last for days. This fresh and accurate floral scent is safe for all types of flowers and accessories plus gift wrap, tissue, shred and ribbon.

  • Adhesives (Glues)

    Quantity : 4 Can / Box

    TACK 2000 – Strong, mutli-purpose bonding for heavier materials and floral products. Safe on fresh flowers and foliage. Even holds wet moss.

    TACK 1000 – Flexible adhesive ideal for light-weight and delicate materials. Use for repositionable or permanent bonds. Fresh flower-friendly.

    GLUE FOR GLITTER – Invisible drying adhesive adheres all types of sprinkle decorations.

  • Design Master COLORTOOL Spray Paints

    Color Swatches

    basil 676 basil blueberry 682 blueberry
    blue marlin 686 blue marlin pink glow 703 pink glow
    ice blue 704 ice blue larkspur blue 707 larkspur blue
    lavender 708 lavender burgundy 710 burgundy
    cranberry 713 cranberry holiday red 714 holiday red
    violet 715 violet carnation red 716 carnation red
    holiday green 717 holiday green october brown 718 october brown
    dark chocolate 719 dark chocolate moss green 721 moss green
    ivory 724 ivory flat black 725 flat black
    flat white 726 flat white yellow/yellow 736 yellow/yellow
    navy blue 738 navy blue purple 740 purple
    turquoise 741 turquoise teal blue 742 teal blue
    deep blue 743 deep blue french blue 747 french blue
    butter creme 750 butter creme blue sky 751 blue sky
    prairie grass 752 prairie grass hunter green 760 hunter green
    hyacinth 762 hyacinth raspberry 766 raspberry
    mineral blue 770 mineral blue orange 775 orange
    tangerine 776 tangerine coral 777 coral
    perfect pink 780 perfect pink fuchsia 786 fuchsia
    slate blue 787 slate blue olive bright 790 olive bright
    aspen yellow 791 aspen yellow robin's egg 792 robin’s egg
    vanilla 793 vanilla almond 794 almond
    terra cotta 796 terra cotta gray flannel 798 gray flannel