Wooden Boxs

Colors: Black, Brown, Natural
The Wood Box Custom Size Order will be accepted.

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  • Wood Box Rectangular (with PVC Liner)

    WB120403   Dimension: 12″X4″X3″H  (Color: Black, Brown)

    WB180403   Dimension: 18″X4″X3″H  (Color: Black, Brown)

    WB100510   Dimension: 1o”X5″X10″H  (Color: Black, Brown)

    WB120512   Dimension: 12X5″X12″H  (Color: Black, Brown)

    WB170906   Dimension: 17″X9″X6″H  with edge (Color: Black, Brown, Natural)

  • Wood Box Shallow (with PVC liner)

    WB060603   Dimentions: 6″X6″X3″H  (Color: Black, Brown)

    WB090903   Dimentions: 9″X9″X3″H  (Color: Black, Brown, natural)

    WB121203    Dimentions: 12″X12″X3″H  (Color: Black, Brown, natural)

    WB141403    Dimentions: 14″X14″X3″H  (Color: Black, Brown, natural)


  • Wood Boxes Cubic Square (with PVC Liner)

    WB060606   Dimensions:  6″x6″x6″  (Colors: Black, Brown, natural)

    WB080808   Dimensions:  8″x8″x8″  (Colors: Black, Brown, natural)

    WB101010   Dimensions:  10″x10″x10″  (Colors: Black, Brown, natural)

  • wooden Boxes

    Wooden Boxes are MDF with PVC Liner.

    Colors: Black, Brown, or Natural

    The Customize  order size will accept.