Adhesives (Glues)

Quantity : 4 Can / Box

TACK 2000 – Strong, mutli-purpose bonding for heavier materials and floral products. Safe on fresh flowers and foliage. Even holds wet moss.

TACK 1000 – Flexible adhesive ideal for light-weight and delicate materials. Use for repositionable or permanent bonds. Fresh flower-friendly.

GLUE FOR GLITTER – Invisible drying adhesive adheres all types of sprinkle decorations.



TACK 2000
    • strong bonding
    • multi-purpose
    • ideal for flowers, foliages & wet moss
    • extended open tack time
    • acid-free
TACK 1000
    • flexible bonding for lighter materials
    • temporary/repositionable or permanent bonds
    • flower-friendly, foam-safe
    • acid-free
  • dries to a clear invisible bond
  • can be used as a sealing topcoat
  • adheres all types of glitter, micro-beads, sequins,etc.
  • flower-friendly and foam-safe
  • acid-free


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